Phones Unlocked  by  iTechUnlimited Until Now:

Android versions Cupcake (1.5) up to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)


Press "Menu" button on your device.

Tap "Settings" > "Wireless Controls" or "Wireless and Network" > "Mobile Networks"

Check if Data Roaming or Use Only 2G Networks are both UNCHECKED.

Tap Access Point Names.

Press Menu button and select New APN.

Enter the following information:

Name: good2GO mobile

APN: att.mvno


Port: 80

Username: Leave blank

Password: Leave blank

Server: Leave blank


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

APN Type: default,supl,mms

Press the "Menu" button on your device and then "Save" on the screen.


Access Point Names are composed of several settings. These settings are essentially text fields that you must fill in in order to connect to data services. APNs exist because carriers broadcast and receive data over government regulated radio frequencies. Each phone must be specially configured to use these settings or otherwise potentially suffer from data connection issues, such as the inability to send MMS or use mobile data. iTech Unlimited Phone Data Settings